Saturday, September 7th

Context: Practice – Using a faster cycle time on partner workouts

Dynamic Warm Up Option: 3 rounds of: 10 Push Ups with shoulder tap, 10 Air Squats, 10 Scap Pull Ups, 10 Reverse Lunge Steps. Then 3 sets of 5 with an empty bar: Deadlift, Push Press, Front Squat, Reverse Lunge Step (each leg, alternating)

Mobility/Activation/Prehab: Shoulder

Skill Practice Warm Up: Spend 8 minutes working up to a challenging (80-90%) Jerk out of the rack.  Use jerk blocks if you have them (or drop from overhead and use a 'team' to get it back into the rack).  Plan on doing 5-6 total reps, with 2-3 at the final weight. Those wanting more volume can do 3s on the minute at a much lighter weight (50-70%).

Strength: none

Super Set: none

Metabolic Conditioning: “Cannonball Run”

AMRAP in 17min - with a partner, one person working at a time:

10 Shoulder to Overhead (Health: 65lb/ Athletic*: 95lb/ Performance: 135lb) or 14 with DBs (20lb/35lb*/50lb)

20 Front Squat (same)

30 Push-ups

40' Walking Lunge (together)

*Women’s “Performance” weights and reps (Rx)

Scaling Guide: 3 - 6 rounds, about 4 minutes per round.

INDY VERSION: 5 S2O, 10 Front Squat, 12 Push-ups, 40' Walking Lunge, 1 min rest.

Coaching Tips: Remember to switch to your partner BEFORE you start to go a lot slower.  Going to near failure is not the best strategy because your partner may not be able to give you much of a rest! Many teams will benefit from having one person do all 10 s2o and then a small set of squats to avoid having to swap the bar as often.  For example, have one partner do 10 shoulder to overhead, then 5 front squats.  Their partner can do 10 FS, and then the first person can finish the set with 5 more.  Break up the push-ups often.  It is easy to switch with your partner, and push-ups can get very hard very fast.

Optional ‘Cash Out’ or Hypertrophy: 10 Kipping Pull Ups, 30 Double Unders, 4 minutes, OR 3 sets of 30 Banded Face Pulls in a super set with 20 calf raises

Scott McIntyre