Saturday, August 3rd

Context: Practice – Making sure everyone isn’t resting at the same time.

Dynamic Warm Up Option: Coaches Choice

Mobility/Activation/Prehab: Shoulder

Skill Practice Warm Up: None.

Strength: None.

Super Set: None.

Metabolic Conditioning: “The Bee Gees”

Teams of 3, AMRAP in 23 min, one person working at a time:

4 Rope Climbs

60' OH Plate Lunge (Health: 15lb/ Athletic*: 25lb/ Performance: 45lb)

60 Hip Extensions or Medball Good Morning

30 Chest to Bar Pull-ups (Health: 30 Ring Rows)

400m Sandbag Run (Health: 45lb/ Athletic*: 60lb/ Performance: 80lb) or 600m with a Plate carried anyhow: (15lb/25lb*/45lb) -one Bag/Plate, all three people run together- Indoor: 30 Cal Row, Partners hold Bag/Plate

14 Box Push 25'

*Women’s “Performance” weights and reps (Rx)

Scaling Guide: 2 - 4 rounds

Compare to: NEW WORKOUT!

Coaching Tips: Talk to your teammates ahead of time to make sure you have a good plan to split this one up. When in doubt, spread things out evenly. But if it is clear one or two of you is much faster at a movement (or can do it 'as Rx'), shift the reps so that person does more of what they are good at.  Plan on taking up the slack somewhere else.  The goal on a workout like this, is to have someone doing work at all times.  If it seems like there is a lot of 'down time' because all three of you are tired, break up the movements into smaller chunks!

Optional ‘Cash Out’ or Hypertrophy: 20 db power snatch, 10 single arm db thrusters, 4 minutes, OR 3 sets of 15 single leg db deadlifts in a super set with 15 single arm db shoulder press

Scott McIntyre