Saturday, August 24th

Context: Practice – Go at your own pace (do not worry about your ‘opponent’)

Dynamic Warm Up Option: Coaches Choice

Mobility/Activation/Prehab: Shoulder

Skill Practice Warm Up: None.

Strength: None.

Super Set: None.

Metabolic Conditioning: “Duel at Dawn”

AMReps as possible in 12 minutes, 1 min rest, AMReps in 12 min, count Wall Ball

16 Round Trip Box Pushes 25' -alternate with opponent-

Then with partner/opponent:

One Person does Snatches while other Person does Wall Balls.

12 Hang Power Snatch (Health: 35lb, Athletic: 65lb*, Performance: 95lb)

Max Wall Balls (Health:10lb/8 ft, Athletic: 14lb/9 ft, Performance: 20lb/10 ft)

At minute 12, 1 minute Rest, then start the whole thing over again.

DUELING WORKOUT NOTES: Immediately after box pushes, the person who finished the last sled push gets to pick to start on wall ball or snatches. As soon as the person finishes the snatches, their 'opponent' must stop doing wall ball. The person who was snatching can start their set of wall ball (trying to get as many as they can before the other person finishes their set of snatches), and so on.

*Women’s “Performance” weights and reps (Rx)

Scaling Guide: 100-150 Wall Ball, about 1-2 min for the box, then 10-15 Wall Ball for every set your partner does Snatches. Scale Up: 20 box pushes (10 per partner), 85/135lb hang snatches. INDY VERSION: 5 round trip sled pushes, then 12 snatches, 15 wall ball, in 11 min, 2 min rest, repeat.

Coaching Tips: Remember that this is a 'dueling' workout so you want to pace with strategy in mind. Avoid doing huge sets of wall ball that will make you too tired to finish the snatches in a decent amount of time (giving your partner extra time for wall balls). Pay attention to the clock and do your best to finish on wall ball. If you end up going to the snatch bar with 30 or so seconds left, think about skipping the snatches (unless you think you can finish them and get back to wall ball).

Optional ‘Cash Out’ or Hypertrophy: 16 Step Ups, 10 ring rows, 3 rounds OR 3 sets of 10-15 Strict Chin Ups in a super set with 15 DB Weighted Step Ups


Scott McIntyre