Friday, October 4th

Context: Practice – Go up in weight on the Deadlifts or go deeper

Dynamic Warm Up Option: Coaches Choice

Mobility/Activation/Prehab: Hip

Skill Practice Warm Up: None.

Strength: 5x1 Deficit Deadlift 8 of 11 (5 sets of 1 reps, same weight across, 65-75%)

Super Set: 5x4 Weighted Strict Pull-up or progression (6 sets of 5 reps, same challenge with all sets)

Metabolic Conditioning: “Mud and Guts”

4 rounds for time:

100m Bumper Plate Farmer Carry - 2 Plates (Health: 15lb/ Athletic*: 25lb/ Performance: 45lb)

15 Bumper Plate Squats (same)

10 Burpees

*Women’s “Performance” weights and reps (Rx)

Scaling Guide: 8 - 12 minutes, about 2.5 minutes per round.

TEAM VERSION: 200m Farmer Carry (both run together, trade with partner), 30 Bumper Plate Squats (both working at the same time), 20 Burpees (both working at the same time), 4 rounds.

Coaching Tips: The Bumper Plate Farmer Carries can be held in the hole/hub or on the bottom of the plate. Move fast on these and set them down when a rest is needed (do not move slow and tax your grip more. Hold the plate against the chest for the Bumper Plate Squats. Keep the abs tight on the burpees and do not hyper extend the lumbar when coming off the round.

Optional ‘Cash Out’ or Hypertrophy: 12 Suitcase Reverse Lunge Steps, 16 KB Swings, 5 min, OR 3 sets of 15 DB Curls in a super set with 12 per side DB Weighted Step Ups

Scott McIntyre